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Leeds Culture Audit

What is it?

“We must overcome any outdated view that culture is made by and for the elite, and become a city that is unafraid to champion art, culture and community. Our unapologetic appreciation for art and culture will set Leeds apart as the city where international artists, directors, makers and creators come to collaborate, marking us out as a playground for the riot of creativity, provocation and innovation that makes our culture distinctive.”

Leeds Culture Strategy 2017-2030: A City of Creators

A baseline which will encompass the broader definition of culture agreed within the Culture Strategy; demonstrate the economic and social value of the culture sector; measure the contribution of community culture from local galas to the city’s rich volunteering culture; benchmark the city against its international counterparts and test our progress against the Culture Strategy aims and objectives.

It is proposed that the Culture Sector Audit will become a biennial piece of work to track the contribution, influence and benefit of culture in Leeds across a range of policy areas. It will become a tool to help the city understand how culture is included across education, health & wellbeing, economy, regeneration, and environment among others.

Which Leeds Culture Strategy Aims & Objectives will it deliver?

  • Value and respect artists and creativity considering both vital to the growth and prosperity of Leeds and ensuring that they are promoted as part of our diverse economy.
  • For the city to value and prioritise cultural activity, utilising it as a means of improving the quality of life experienced by every person and every community in Leeds.
  • For the culture sector to grow and increase its contribution to Leeds’ economy, by placing culture at the heart of the city’s narrative.
  • For established cultural organisations to be resilient, and to create an environment where new cultural organisations can flourish.

Which Leeds Culture Strategy Area of Focus does it serve?

  • A Connected City with a 'Yes' Mentality

Project contacts
Leanne Buchan leanne.buchan@leeds.gov.uk
Sam Pollard samuel.pollard@leeds.gov.uk
Jenny Gridley jennifer.gridley@leeds.gov.uk

Image: Saphen Holden took part in the Writing Britain programme run by Studio 12 in 2015 which saw her pen and film an agonising open letter to the then PM David Cameron and Michael Gove focuisng on the tale of her teenage self and how she coped with the death of her sister, with a rallying cry to hold judgement on society's young people. Image courtesy of Studio 12.