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Pilot Cities Programme

What is it?
An international programme designed and delivered by United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) and Culture Action Europe (CAE), the objective of the Pilot Cities Programme is to work with cities across the world to develop new and innovative approaches to embedding culture across areas such as urban design, economy, health, community and education.

The programme builds a picture of how well culture is incorporated to a range of nine policy areas, set by Agenda 21, which are considered key to creating liveable cities.

Following an initial analysis of the city’s strengths and weaknesses a local Advisory Panel is created, which will develop a series of ‘Pilot Measures’ designed to address the specific weaknesses of that city. ‘Pilot Measures’ range from small and discreet interventions such as creating a volunteer network or supporting a specific community initiative, through to large scale development projects such as creating physical spaces like community gardens or redeveloping existing building, depending on which areas of weakness are identified.

The programme also includes an element of peer learning. When the ‘Pilot Measures’ are agreed Leeds will be able to choose from cities across the international network of United Cities and Local Government to find examples of best practice and share ideas and knowledge for how to implement those measures. In return Leeds will also host cities from the programme who have weaknesses in areas where our city is strong.

Leeds is the only English city to have participated in the programme and will work alongside cities as varied as Lisbon in Portugal, Izmir in Turkey, Galway in Ireland and Madrid in Spain. The programme lasts approximately two years and is designed to influence policy change, placing culture at the heart of the future development of cities.

Which Leeds Culture Strategy Aims & Objectives will it deliver?

  • Become open to the cultures of the world, internationally connected, and play an active role in shaping global policy and leadership.
  • For Leeds to be nationally and internationally recognised as a liveable city, and a thriving, internationally connected cultural hub open to collaboration.

Which Leeds Culture Strategy Area of Focus does it serve?:

  • An International Capital of Culture
  • A Connected City with a 'Yes' Mentality

Project Contacts
Leanne Buchan leanne.buchan@leeds.gov.uk
Sam Pollard samuel.pollard@leeds.gov.uk
Kristina Assmann-Gramberg kristina.assmanngramberg@leeds.gov.uk

Further Details

Image: Windows of Leeds, created by Something More as part of 'Unfold' celebrating Leeds Visual Arts on the occassion of Leeds Art Gallery hosting British Art Show 8 in 2015. Image courtesy of Leeds BID.